The GunnPod 2000 disposable vape is undoubtedly the most in-demand vape in the Australian vape market. With a market-leading volume of 2000 puffs comprised of fresh nicotine salt e-liquid, this device apparently never depletes. The GunnPod vape comprises a long-lasting battery that has been engineered perfectly simultaneously, making the device portable and convenient for users. Its distinction doesn’t end at that point since the device comes with over twenty flavours. This ranges from classic tobacco flavour to the blueberry raspberry flavour, making it easier for the customers to choose which favour best fits them. This explains why the GunnPod 2000 vape is on-demand in Australia. 

Where Can One Find GunnPod vape?

These products can be purchased in both physical and online stores. The prices of these products range from $20- $40. The market prices are exceptionally competitive, with most stores partnering with top global brands, especially Chinese manufacturers. The Australian market has an advanced system in place that has helped connect larger retailers to smaller retailers making this market a fast-moving one. According to the Australian government, this has made it easier to accommodate the over 500,000 vapers. According to the Australian Tobacco Harm Reduction Association, Vaping is most prevalent among consumers aged 18-29 years and gradually decreases with age.  

Countering Fake GunnPod Vape in Australia

Owing to the increasing demand for GunnPod vape, the Australian market is flooded with countless fake vape products. However, the authorized vendors have introduced strategies to help identify these fake products to help protect the needs of their consumers. One strategy is scanning the anti-counterfeit QR code on the product’s packaging. 

With the product designs looking practically indistinguishable, many counterfeit vaping products advertised as genuine are challenging to distinguish. This charms innocent customers to spend on low-quality and dubious products that are destructive to their health. Most fake vape products are imported from the Chinese market, where government regulations and patent laws are scarce. It is illegal to sell vapes with nicotine without a doctor’s recommendation in all Australian states except South Australia. This makes the Australian vape guidelines one of the most stringent globally. To date, Australians have successfully exploited a gap in the legislation that permits them to export e-cigarettes from foreign markets for non-medicinal use. With the government making vape laws and guidelines even tougher, the Australian black market is less apprehensive. Illegal dealers are already making enormous profits selling the GunnPod vape. A nationwide crackdown on vape imports could boost their bottom line.

Unlike the traditional cigarette, the user prefers taking one or a few puffs and storing the device for future use. Australians receive the value of their money when converting to GunnPod vape since they decide on the number of puffs to smoke. Most Australians see vaping as the best substitute for those quitting cigarettes as it gives them extra control over their intake, hence giving them back the power over their usage. The growing demand for GunnPod 2000 disposable vapes, particularly among young people, is encouraging for vape retailers. 

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